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 Business partners : Hewlett-Packard (HP)
Hewlett Packard  

Hewlett-Packard (HP) Business Partner

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is a trusted and proven provider of technology infrastructures. HP's technology strengths, global support, industry-leading focus on quality and overall customer satisfaction make HP the technology provider that can maximize clients' investment in people, processes, and technology and minimize financial and implementation risk.

HP's adaptive infrastructure strategy yields numerous benefits, enabling clients to reduce costs and realize a better return on IT investments, improve system availability and service levels, and get new applications up and running quickly to meet continually shifting market demands.

HP's technology strengths and vision, global support, and industry-leading focus on quality and overall customer satisfaction make HP the technology provider that can maximize your investment in people, processes, and technology-and minimize the risk, financial, and implementation impact.

HP Products

Hewlett-Packard (HP) offers a wide range of information technology products and services to address both business and home computing needs.



HP Rack-Optimized Servers combine industry-leading performance with space-saving designs, and offer a choice of operating systems: HP-UX, Windows, Linux, and MPE. Based on PA-RISC and Intel Itanium processor architectures, these servers boast more than 1,000 ISV applications, linear scalability with up to 40 processors, and support for such advanced features as virtual partitions, MC/Serviceguard, and instant capacity on demand (iCOD).


Compaq ProLiant Intel-based servers deliver outstanding performance, availability, ease of management, and solutions integration. ProLiant servers are available in three families: BL blade servers, DL density-optimized servers with rack and cluster model options, and ML servers, with tower and rack deployment options, for maximum internal storage and I/O flexibility. In addition, HP's IA-based tc2100 and tc2110 tower servers provide exceptional flexibility and value for growing businesses.

Storage Products


HP Storage Area Networks (SAN), based on XP, StorageWorks, and EVA products, offer robust solutions to help deploy, manage, and scale networked enterprise storage environments.


HP Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions include a range of StorageWorks products as well as HP disk virtual arrays (VA) and NAS appliances for mission-critical enterprise operating systems.


HP Storage Arrays offer a wide selection of products for the adaptive storage infrastructure, including Virtual Array (VA), Modular Array (MA), disk systems, and XP Disk Array products, as well as raid controllers and storage systems.


HP Tape Storage systems offer data protection solutions for every environment-from small servers to enterprise SANs. Products include enterprise- and business-class libraries; autoloaders; AIT, DLT, SDLT, DAT, and ITO Ultrium tape drives; and tape arrays, interconnects, and enclosures.



HP Networking products offer solutions for business, home and home office, and wireless communication. Products include Procurve switches and hubs, storage area networks (SAN), print servers and software, modems, UNIX server connectivity options, and wireless network accessories.

End-to-End Support
Hewlett-Packard can help fulfill service level agreements by maintaining the availability of mission-critical systems. Widely recognized for responsive, flexible, and high-quality support, HP's support organization is comprised of approximately 65,000 field and Response Center-based technical professionals worldwide. This team is unflinchingly focused on three objectives: build it right, keep it running, and fix it fast.

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