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Typically, monitoring tools will tell you how your IT systems are running overall but not how applications are performing for your end-users. Only End-End Software details the entire end-user experience - right down to transaction level.

End-End Software works across all proprietary, custom and in-house designed applications, and integrates with existing management tools to provide a total monitoring solution for business. This enables improved management of systems and applications to transform the level of service delivered to customers; in turn, this means an organisation's IT infrastructure is optimally aligned with overall business objectives.

End-End Software reports on all systems and applications from the perspective of those who experience performance issues first-hand - the end-users. End-End Software will help you make a visible difference to your overall business systems by identifying problems that disrupt end-user activity.

Ongoing research by Meta Group and Gartner Group confirms that application performance management is a crucial component of an organisation's IT system/infrastructure. Only user-centric monitoring tools will provide the meaningful, accurate measurements required to understand the response-time characteristics of an organisation's most critical applications.

Industry commentators continue to advocate that large enterprises deploy these tools immediately because they address the impact of poor application and systems performance on business overall.

Total system application performance should be a key measurable factor in determining the overall business value of IT. The synchronisation of business objectives and performance with measurable and reportable IT components will allow organisations to more clearly structure and define their role in the IT enterprise as well as significantly increase client satisfaction.

In addition, End-End Software can assist middle management and senior executives in gaining a better understanding of the reality of IT practices.

End-End Software is suited for installation in any industry, market or business sector because its fundamental premise is to optimise an organisation's IT performance. The software interfaces and/or integrates with any application and the highly-flexible source code eliminates compatibility issues.

Without this 'end-to-end' view of application performance, it is impossible to determine the specific cause of faults and bottlenecks. E2E specifies the location of the problem whether server, application, database, network or end-user.

Trying to achieve Service Level Agreements can be difficult for many businesses (including call centres, service companies, government and the financial sector) in which there is a limited understanding or recognition of what it is like at the 'coal face' of enterprise-wide systems.

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